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Swimmer of the Meet

Following each meet, the coaching staff will recognize the stand out swimmers.  Swimmers of the meet receive a white ACE cap in honor of their times, efforts and overall accomplishments. Congratulations to these athletes on their exceptional weekend!

     Swimmers of the Meet

MWS Long Course Championships

Discoverers:        Juliana Anderson  &  Cyler Eggspuehler

Explorers:           Amaya Larsen  &  Blake Forsberg

Seekers:             Regan Yelick  &  Austin Smith

Challengers:        Sydney Mencke

Performers:         Bryn Lohrberg




MWS Long Course Qualifiers/ 8 & Under Finals

Discoverers:        Justice Mastellar  &  Dennis Shannon

Explorers:           Lucia Krings  &  Fernando Ferrer

Seekers:             Shelby Baker  &  Drew Kaelin

Challengers:        Allyse Bell




LSS Capital City Classic

Discoverers:        Charley Larsen  &  Alex Hallgren

Explorers:           Michaela Michalski  &  Ryan Mayo

Seekers:             Regan Yelick  &  Ethan Kloster

Challengers:        Alexis Michalski

Performers:         Kenna Wilkie  &  Jordan Keller




MOST Summer Splash

Discoverers:        Haley Hubert  &  Dennis Shannon

Explorers:           Grace Thiltgen  &  Bradyn Koegel

Seekers:             Tori Strubbe  &  Ethan Kloster

Challengers:        McKenna Haney  &  Mitch Grace





ESC Rose Memorial 

Explorers:           Grace Thiltgen  &  Truman Rouse

Seekers:             Lauren Tracy  &  Drew Kaelin

Challengers:        Mitch Grace

Performers :        Liz George





OWSC Spring & Sprint

Adventurers:       Bella Vera

Discoverers:        Kenzie Thacker  &  Mason Grohe

Explorers:           Deana Nguyen  &  Blake Wilber

Seekers:             Lauren Tracy  &  Grag Matya

Challengers:        Mitch Grace

Performers :        Haylee Cate





TSA Voorhees-Maxfield LC Invitational

Discoverers:        Charley Larsen

Explorers:           Jaci Sievers 

Seekers:             Shelby Baker  &  Ethan Kloster

Challengers:        Hannah Miller

Performers :        Ashley Bowen





2015 MW Short Course Championships

Discoverers:        Noah Wilber

Explorers:           Michaela Michalski  &  Ben Ravnsborg

Seekers:             Kenna Haney

Challengers:        Ashley Bowen  &  Justin Stephens





2015 MW Qualifiers / 8 & Under Final

Adventurers:       Bella Vera  & Keat Weeder

Discoverers:        McKinley Matlock  &  Luke Alber

Explorers:           Lizzie Meyer  &  Blake Wilber

Seekers:             Austin Smith

Challengers:        Ella Hustad  &  Andrew Feller





2015 CBSC B- / Open

Adventurers:  Aubrie Smith

Discoverers:   Megan Schalley  &  Noah Wilbur

Explorers:      Elizabeth Walters  &  Paul Pechous

Seekers:        Lauren Tracy  &  Trevor DeBuse





2015 SCSC President's Day B+

Adventurers:  Isabella Thoreen

Discoverers:   Olivia Holtz

Explorers:      Amaya Larsen  &  Matt Uehling

Seekers:        Kellen McLaughlin  &  Allyse Bell





2015 MAC Mid-Winter Blast

Adventurers:  Delaney Koegel  &  Aaron Storlie

Discoverers:   Catherine Johnson

Explorers:      Taylor Tracy  &  Ryan Mayo

Seekers:        Kellen McLaughlin  &  McKenna Haney

Challengers:   Ashley Bowen





2014 ACE Snowball Dash

Adventurers:  Aubrie Smith & Alex Hallgren

Discoverers:   Delana Dotson & Noah Wilber

Explorers:      Katie Grohe & Ben Ravnsborg 

Seekers:        Alexis Michalski & Ethan Kloster





2014 HLA Google Gobble

Adventurers:    Aubrie Smith

Discoverers:     Luke Albers & Morgan Foote

Explorers:        Blake Wilber & Peyton Hornbacher

Seekers:          Kellen McLaughlin & Elise Volk




2014 LSS Spooky Splash

Adventurers:    Clara Bellinghausen

Discoverers:     Lex Barkhaus & Lily Matya

Explorers:        Daniel Kaelin & Michaela Michalski

Seekers:          Josh Uehling & Paige Hunt

Challengers:     Ashley Bowen



2014 MOST / SO SwimFest & AAAA Senior Circuit

Adventurers:    Gabby Masteller

Discoverers:     Macy Mollring & Truman Rouse

Explorers:        Julia Lehr  & Austin Smith

Seekers:          Lauren Mayo & Josh Uehling

Challengers:     Ashley Bowen



2014 ACE River Races

Adventurers:    Charley Larsen

Discoverers:     Caroline Jenson & Sam Surles

Explorers:        Jaci Sievers & Phillip Matya

Seekers:          Paige Hunt & Dalton Alexander

Challengers:     Ella Hustad & Justin Stephens